Established in 1978 as a residential construction company, the associates was formed as the construction division to carry out our own designs and offer design-build services for both residential and commercial work. Remodeling in both venues has been an important part of our work. The often-difficult process of remodeling can be made more bearable by careful planning executed on an accurate schedule. Our residential construction contracts often include high-technology radiant heating, wiring, "smart houses", and solar solutions as well as unusual materials and building methods. We are currently working on projects incorporating the spirit of sustainable construction using construction practice and technology that treats the environment with respect and care.

Our commitment to our clients is personal and direct – creating a relationship with each client that is responsive to quality, program flexibility, and budgets is our first priority.

From new freestanding commercial buildings to custom residential houses and detailed residential remodeling or interior tenant improvements, we have the experience.


, President & CFO is a general contractor with thirty years of construction experience, Contracts, lien release management, and cost control combined with field supervision are his responsibilities. The business of contracting consists to a large extent, in maintaining strong service relationships with the various sub-contractors essential in meeting time schedules, and obtaining a high quality finished product. Coordination of field operations including city building inspection procedures, structural inspections, and site protection are his responsibility.

AKIRA STEVAN PATRICK, AIA, Vice president and secretary, is a licensed architect trained at the Midglen Studio following his college work. He combines his position as Architect with construction management, bringing quick and competent solutions to problems encountered in the course of construction. Coordinating data from the many professionals of the building industry, soils, structural and mechanical engineers to produce a coherent, well-ordered project is Steve's responsibility. Steve has served on the Woodside Planning commission and is active with many community organizations.

HENRY EHLERS, general contractor and the chief of field operations. He has successfully completed a large variety of residential and commercial projects in the Bay Area for the last 30 years. His experience with building officials and local planning authorities lends quick service to our various clients. He is also an accomplished cabinetmaker and brings his knowledge of millwork and joinery to Midglen. He has developed many commercial clients and successfully completed their projects in a timely and budget conscious fashion.


The Midglen Studio Associates is a General Contracting Corporation,
License # B 531113, with offices at 831 Midglen Way, Woodside Ca. 94062 and
732 West Glen Way, Woodside CA 94062.

Telephones and communications:

Architectural office (650) 369-0416, FAX (650) 369 -0417
Construction office (650) 366-0314, FAX (650) 369-0418

The Midglen Studio Associates is fully bonded and insured in excess of statutory requirements. Certificates of Liability and Compensation Insurance meeting all stipulated requirements will be provided upon request.
We utilize the services of Ireland San Fillipo Public Accountants and can present financial statements on request.
A list of current and past projects is available on request, and prospective clients may contact any of our current and former clients.

Akio Patrick akio@midglen.com
A. Stevan Patrick steve@midglen.com
Henry Ehlers henry@midglen.com
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