september 1, 1998


dedicated to the principles and philosophy of frank lloyd wright, more than 25 former apprentices are represented in the membership of northern california taliesin fellows.

offering design that carries on the wrightian tradition of organic architecture these alumni of the learn-by-doing training as apprentices of frank lloyd wright are a significant part of the living legacy of the master.

the northern california fellows of taliesin offer membership in our organization which includes a number of get-to-gethers during the year, an annual party in celebration on wright's birthday at our headquarters at midglen studio in woodside, california, and subscription to our newsletter which highlights opinions, discussions and events on organic architecture. current membership is $40 yearly for singles or a couple in a household.

visit our website regularly for information on the organic designs by our members, and for insights into the continuing legacy of frank lloyd wright.

you need not accept the mechanical effusions and imitations of the the past that are offered by builders and uninspired architects of the main stream! fulfill your dream:

we create organic possibilities; reality follows!

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