Jean Wirth Residence
Woodside, CA

Architect: William A. Patrick

This small house of approximately 1600 sq. ft. was designed for Ms Wirth in 1964. It has one bath with a master bedroom and an additional office/guest room. A work room/laundry is located on the lower level and a carport accommodating three cars is also included.

Built on a steep hillside facing southeasterly, the view was paramount in the design and the view walls are almost entirely of glass. The structural support system used concrete blocks for retaining walls and piers to support a wood deck over which was laid a concrete slab containing copper tubing to provide radiant heating.

The concrete was finished with integral terra cotta color and scored on the four-foot module of the building design.

The roof structure was of Tectum structural panels placed on exposed 4x12 fir beams. 2-1/4" urethane insulation was laid over the exterior surface. Stud walls of 2x6 with insulation batts are sheathed in Redwood Texture 1-11 both interior and exterior.

A balcony deck surrounds the view side and provides an entertainment space adjacent to the dining/kitchen element.

A storage wall below high windows runs the entire bedroom/office length of the hallway from the entrance. The closets are faced with pairs of walnut plywood doors and built-in cabinet work is a feature of the living room area.

The total cost of the project was in the $30-40,000 range in 1964. It was recently marketed for $1,300,000.

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exterior of home
exit out onto deck
living room
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